Woman Working Wednesday with Melody Renee

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May 22, 2018
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May 24, 2018

Woman Working Wednesday with Melody Renee

Happy Wednesday Lovers !

I love Wednesdays, it’s usually wacky for me since I’m bartending for lunch in New York City’s financial district. I have a totally different outlook of the so called ‘Hump Day’. Sadly no humping ever happens for me on Wednesdays but as a woman who steadily  works hard, I’ve decided a long time ago to dedicate my Wednesdays to my women lovers; thus  For The Love of #WWW.

This week we have a throwback encounter with Melody Renee. I interviewed her after a Good Vibes Only showcase about 2 summers ago (see what happens when you’re a one woman show). Melody is multitalented; a singer, dancer, actress and degreed up. She is an entertainer who brands herself in every way. Watch the video below and drop a love note.

Always For The Love


T.he I.nner Y.ou


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