Tuesday’s Talk “Divine Opportunities”

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March 12, 2019
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May 21, 2019

Tuesday’s Talk “Divine Opportunities”

Opportunity is based on perception. The ability to take everything in as per individual, can lead to creating greatness. The moments we have are specifically designed for us, by the divine most high. We have been blessed with free will by the grace of GOD. It’s time to think outside of the box, to achieve the best versions of ourselves. From the moments we wake up , the opportunity can begin. As an individual , there’s free will to create greatness from the simple opportunity of life. A divine opportunity starts from within, tune out the outside noise to listen. Let the war begin!

In this one life we live the time is now to take full advantage of our abilities. Individuals all have different circumstances, which influences the individual’s lifestyle. There’s been talk that opportunity doesn’t happen for everyone. Since everyone’s situations are not the same, the perceptions aren’t the same. Analyzing where an individual may be in the physical realm doesn’t always correlate with where they are in the spirit realm. Society often ponders how people reach their full abilities, reaching next levels that appeared out of reach. In the world of the 1% , nothing is unattainable, it’s already in the destiny to be great.

The war has begun. Awakening in a position that’s no longer welcomed by T.he I.nner Y.ou , stirs up a battle with self. The easy way isn’t an option at this point. As children of God on this earthly vessel, our souls and flesh are constantly bumping heads. Everyone has a purpose, and reason to live, unfortunately some get lost along the way. There isn’t an easy way out by any means. The effort we put in for the things we materialistically desire can also be the same effort devoted to a higher calling, tapping into a lifestyle of blessings based on perception.

Create the opportunity. Seize the opportunity. Believe in the opportunity. Putting action behind this thought process can enable the opportunity to enhance into the reality. Ever heard this phrase ” The opportunity of a lifetime” ? It’s true in what’s known to us as our one lifetime, the right opportunity can change the perspective forever. Changing the game, reaching your full potential that lies within. A dynamic designed for the individuals that want to win at life. Life is want you make of it, no one walking this earth can be you, even with technology advancements. Take advantage of being an individual with divine opportunity, time to get to work lovers!

Opportunity , Opposite Pressures Pressing On Righteously To Unite It To You. The opportunity has been created. Open or closed doors are opportunities! Once the perceptions change, grasp hold of the new perspective with Guidance Over Distractions. Stay tuned into God’s plan for you, creating an opportunity and taking action on that calling from within T.he I.nner Y.ou. The lifestyle of divine opportunities is expressing what others think but never say, for the love. Welcome to the 1%, execute on the opportunity designated for you, the individual, God got you.

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  1. Charlene Burke says:

    Great article! Yes, we must go after our opportunity!

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