Tuesday’s Talk “Distractions”

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March 6, 2019
Tuesday’s Talk “Divine Opportunities”
March 26, 2019

Happy Tuesday Lovers!

Let’s talk about distractions this week. Spiritually, professionally and, romantically. Time to address the side tracks; that aren’t additions. We all fall steps behind. Our attention can be diverted against our direction, later finding ourselves playing catchup. The things that we yearn could be the very things leading us astray. Aligning The Inner You for the love can reposition a lifestyle. Guidance Over Distractions is what we all need while on the planet earth. Many energetic forces in our magnetic field dimensions appear attractive, however their devices are not of our destinies.

In March we celebrate Women’s History Month and occasionally Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday , leading into Lent for the following 40 days. Spring makes its introduction. Observations suggests a holy spirited atmosphere with shifts in the hemispheres. The season dates back to the days Jesus Christ walked his last days for the love of our spirit; that of mankind, while on the planet earth. March is described as a roaring lion, winding up any last bit of snow (NYC), with longer days from daylight savings (eastern standard time). Embrace the jump forward into our future that turns into our present gift. This forward season changes our time. Utilize your gifts to get back on track here, regroup yourself while patting yourself on the back for making it to 2019’s 1st quarter. The holy spirit arose from the grave; a living Guidance Over Distractions.

Relationships prosper with proper attention, manifestation and prayer. Relating to our ‘ship’ prevents outside influences to set up and take us away from greatness. The equation of 1+1 equals 2, which is double from the start. That’s a win win situation. The push forward of the month enhances us to steer our ship to its final destination. Sometimes magnetic fields force our direction opposite of that. At that point our energy needs Guidance Over Distractions to keep us in our lane, we deserve to stay afloat. Synergy amongst others now transfers the electric pulses, activating the higher power within us. It is as if we are professionals of our spirit using romantics. Luckily this lifestyle welcomes us with open arms, just like our lovers awaiting at the dock, for our ship that once was sailed away. D.earing I.ntentional  S.ituations T.he R.eaction A.fter C.onjuring T.ales I.s O.ver N.ow; play the devices as they appear because you have the controller to this game!


Always #ForTheLove


  1. Charlene Burke says:

    Yes, distractions are all around us. We must try to remain focused in order to reach our goal. Great article!

  2. Ikim Powell says:

    I love how you mention distractions can be attractive but not caterred to our destinies. That’s an important distinction to be made to the masses.

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