Tiy Tip Tuesday “Patience”
July 3, 2018
Tiy Tip Tuesday “Summer ’18”
July 31, 2018

Life’s journey is particular to it’s holder. T.he I.nner Y.ou comes from within, G.uiding O.ver D.istractions; for the love of expressing what others think but never say.  It’s your intuition. Your outlook on things per your perspective, deep within the senses. The soul tie has been uniquely destined before you were born. Be a lover, Be.

Bless, always for the love.


Tiy Tip 001 “

“Selfless / Selfish”

  • Letting Go , Letting GOD {G.uidance O.ver D.istractions} .

Take a Deep Breathe. Close your Eyes. Thank God for that moment right there, it’s the humbling experience knowing you are able to comprehend even those instructions. You’ve gotten this far, so keep going…

  • Living a lover lifestyle with GOD {G.uidance O.ver D.istractions}.

Allowing love out of the situation , walking in love creates its own steps with opportunity ahead. A lover truly does it for the love of an upright belief of an encounter. Follow the Sun…

  • Leaving the past levels of you with GOD {G.uidance O.ver D.istractions}.

A lifestyle of manifestations creating new opportunities of value. A new result of yourself exceeding a history of learned lessons. Guidance Over Distractions enables a revision of a mindset for the present, the gifts for an abundant life…

My tips have the intent of its lovers peace and success.



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