Tiy Tip Tuesday “Summer ’18”

Tiy Tip Tuesday
July 17, 2018
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February 7, 2019
Tiy Tip Tuesday “Summer ’18”

Oh what a sizzling summer! A lunar eclipse, a few out of town trips and a new love that we hope to end the year pretty much sums up summer 2018. My intent is for the remainder of the sunny season to blaze up the inner you opening up those senses that lie within all for the love. There are some tips to take into consideration to enable a spicy end to the summer!

Tiy Tip 002

  • Moisturize. Allow your skin to benefit from the sun’s natural vitamin D with a great body butter. Your skin will appreciate the love of butter with a natural glow that’ll glisten because you listened.

(I currently use My Kerry Berrys ; Mango Madness , Cucumber Love or Honey Dew Melon)

  • Hydrate. Summer in NYC can be real drying, humid, and long. From the trains that may or may not have air conditioner, to sitting in traffic with the windows down still HOT, fuel your body with the liquids it needs to keep enjoying this summer!

(I currently drink Ounced Water ,  I mean it’s  NY based and locally in my hometown,  Staten Island.)

  • Live. Three months of sun is never enough for the lovers. We hibernate all winter with layers of clothes, take those layers off and express what others think but never say.  Take advantage of the FREE opportunities the summer time offers, saving up for the fly fall and winter seasons for the holidays.

(I am loving this Culture Pass the New York Public Library has offered for the first time, anything free is for the culture of love & me !)


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