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June 13, 2018
Woman Working Wednesday “Chrissy Monroe”
June 27, 2018

Happy Tuesday Lovers!

June’s warm days are upon us. The month brings bbqs, graduation parties, and vacations. After a cold six months, the mid-year is here to sizzle things up within T.he I.nner Y.ou. Remember those goals you wrote down in the beginning of the year? Bring those ideas, plans and aspirations into the new season, do it #ForTheLove. G.uidance O.ver D.istractions happens when decisions lead to those opportunities of abundance. This week on instagram , the lovers voted “I’m a pleaser” as a reason why they just can’t say ‘no‘. My weekly tips are intended for you to express what other’s think but never say for the love of t.he i.nner y.ou, I’m just TIY.

Always For The Love!

Tiy Tip “No”

  • Remember it’s only a 2 letter word N.O.

As lovers we tend to over think one of the shortest words in all languages, it’s one syllable too.

  • Say it now NO.

As lovers we may need to actually say it out loud with love, it’s universal.

  • Practice saying NO to yourself.

As lovers we don’t want to hurt anyone feelings, but it’s all love.

If there’s a doubt, say no. Going with your first instinct (the inner you), it won’t steer you wrong. However don’t we always regret not listening to our gut? The first choice is the viewers choice, the lovers deserve to hear the word NO sometimes. It’s not the end of the world, possibly just the end of a world that has received the last of energy. Life goes on after the word NO, thank goodness for love!


-T.he I.nner Y.ou

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