Tiy Tip Tuesday “Cheating”

Woman Working Wednesday with Mimi Faust
June 6, 2018
Woman Working Wednesday
June 13, 2018
Tiy Tip Tuesday “Cheating”

Happy Tuesday lovers!

“I twirled my fingers all day at work”. The second day of the work week for most, it felt like we went through this day already. Not to fret, Tuesdays can be a pleasure considering it’s another chance for G.uidance  O.ver D.istractions in order to do it For The Love of T.he I.nner Y.ou. I offer tips that inspire for the good intent of individuals. Instagram this week voted 64% in favor there should never be exceptions for cheating in a relationship while 36% of lovers voted sometimes. T.he I.nner Y.ou can stop the cheating in a relationship before it happens,no exceptions.

There’s no perfect relationship, no perfect person, no perfect tip, and no perfect Tuesday. Cheating happens in about 1/3 of marriages. The altar is where you exchange vows and agree to commit to each other- until death do us part. Society can have for the love relationships with these tips:

Tiy Tips:

  • Honesty – Be true to yourself first.
  •  Loyalty – Betrayal comes in all forms.
  • Sex- Have Relations within your ship.

Once a cheater is not always a cheater, the qualities are deep within the surface but with mind over matter , a person is stronger than what they believe themselves to be. You can do the right thing.

Always For The Love

-T.he I.nner Y.ou


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