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May 24, 2018
May 30, 2018

Tiy Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Lovers! 


The Weather is getting warmer; summer loves are blossoming while winter cuffs are breaking. Either there’s going to be a lot of ‘serial dating’ since it’s sun dress season or the lovers shall remain as ‘casual daters’ since it’s just another season anyway. The instagram votes are in and ‘casual dating’ is this week’s tip.

I’m personally a causal dater, doing it #ForThelove requires a lot of my time. Serial dating just sounds like a lot of mixed energies that’ll lead to being completely drained. One person at a time, this way I can actually remember your birthday and last name without having to result to facebook.  Dating in general should be planned out before stepping out into the romantics. Fyi, dating isn’t a committed relationship unless both parties agree upon it.

I pray my tips cosign with what is already aligned for T.he I.nner Y.ou in the name of love.

Casual Dating 101

  • Time

Be sure you are ready to devote some time into dating. Time is something we can not get back so invest wisely. A date shouldn’t feel like a waste of time.

  • Listen

Listen to how the person you’re on a date with talks to the people around you, rather it be the bartender or the waitress , it will be essential later on. These are usually the hidden gems that tell of a person’s characteristics.

  • No phones

Unless you’re expecting a life changing phone call, try to refrain from phones during these precious dates. Enjoy the time with one another instead, I know we love taking pictures of everything but just wait until things are a bit more ‘official’, before posting #DateNight.

  • Honesty

Don’t lie to your new lover, especially Do Not lie to yourself.  Being upfront saves a lot of that time we keep mentioning which is so valuable.  If you only want to stay as a casual dater lay it out, leading someone on just isn’t nice.

  • Consistency

They say it’s key. While casual dating be consistent with your lover, disappearing acts just opens the door for new love opportunities leading to a serial dater. Proper balance helps, it’s like we’re not in a ‘relationship’ however you’re still the only one I’m dating. Confused?

There’s no easy way for dating period whether it is serial dating or casual dating. I think dating in general is serial; you’re dating before you find that one. Causal sounds like an excuse for not being committed. For my single lovers like me, just enjoy the summer waves…..

Always For The Love


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