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May 21, 2018
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May 23, 2018

Tiy Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday lovers!

This week I went to social media for inspiration on this weeks tip. Voters decided between dating & money , surprisingly money won so here are my money tips for you lovers.

Besides being a journalist , most of my income is from bartending in NYC. It’s great for me because of the inconsistency which has forced me into better money management. It’s different than waiting a week or even two for a paycheck, it is a payday everyday, yet you just never get the same amount lol.

Money pays the bills, money puts food on the table and money puts clothes on your back. It’s totally fine in my opinion to work hard for your money, what we need to do is always have a balance. Money we can not take to our grave, in a sense sometimes I don’t even think it exists. Does the wealthiest person in the world actually know how much money they have compared to how much money they are worth?

No I didn’t study finances, no high school didn’t teach me how to manage my money; life has. Circumstances can often influence a person to change habits for the better, in this case for the love of money.

  • Calculate monthly expenses

Bills will forever exist. So why do people act surprised when the bill due date has arrived. Know ahead of time to prepare yourself.

  • Put money to the side

Saving money is essential, a lot of people don’t think it’s practical based on their income however a dollar a day literally goes a long way! ( that’s almost $400 at the end of the year!) Life is forever throwing curve balls too that may cost a lot of money, good thing you had some money saved for that catch!

  • Invest

Now you have all this money saved, and it’s just sitting there. Time to make your money make money. Find something to invest in that’ll have a long term benefit, your money is losing value by not putting it to work!

I pray my tips reach you with the intent of better money management. I am not an expert, just T.he I.nner Y.ou ; Tiy.

Always For The Love


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  1. Charlene Burke says:

    Great tips!

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