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July 31, 2018
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March 6, 2019

Happy New Year Lovers!

The last day of 2018 ended with rain and cold temperatures in New York City. The thought of traveling anywhere on the eve of 2019 dispersed especially since my female intuition had been visiting. Stuffed clam shells, pasta salad along with a roasted lemon herb chicken served as the last supper of 2018. The ladies dressed in sparkles, shiny enough to be our own Times Square Ball. It was a night of celebrating the end with a new beginning. A new year makes its introduction yet again with its blessing of G.uidance O.ver D.istractions. { GOD}

The first month of the new year is always interesting. The energy of reality sets in. Finances need a replenishment from the holidays. In my field of hospitality it’s almost a dead zone since everyone is on a new “diet”. The lovers are starting fresh, leaving old things in the previous year by starting things anew. How did the second month of the year February become the shortest yet that’s when we celebrate Black History Month in America. Here’s the real test to see who’s still holding up those New Years resolutions and didn’t give in January’s 31 days of polar vortex.

I share with you my New Year’s Eve celebration. I spent it with my closest friends home while we still managed to mingle with my new neighbors, capture the entire night while looking fabulous. Personally this has been the best New Year’s Eve yet; I’m a new resident of a luxury building , I’m healed from retina detachment surgery and God has aligned me with everything I need entering this next level of life. 2019 is the year of synergy , my resolution is to keep tightening those around me for the love always.


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