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For The Love “Vip Pass Vs Press Pass”

In the entertainment industry, would you rather a VIP pass or a Press Pass? Myself and Jevon Goldson who is a choreographer, creative director and C.E.O. of Lotus Creations Academy traveled to Miami for The American Black Film Festival. Jevon aka Jerzey received a VIP pass from HBO;  which sponsors his dance academy and the festival.  I received my annual press pass.

It’s an interesting debate. The benefits of having a VIP Pass compared to a Press Pass. As a journalist my press pass serves its purpose. The pass grants me access for exclusive interviews and access to exclusive locations only “press is allowed” . A VIP pass usually means you’re a very important person, granting you exclusive access for events, and parties. Are you at an event for work , play or both? That can determine the benefits of the passes.

Enjoy our skit…( Unscripted, just in the moment with Stephany Rosa behind the camera)

Always For The Love

-T.he I.nner Y.ou


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