Dear Male Lovers ….

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December 1, 2017
For The Lovers
March 2, 2018

My last visit to Miami was in December 2017, an end of the year present to myself. During this ‘trip’, it became more apparent how single and lost the lady lovers were when it came to “dating” or whatever. I do believe in soul mates as Stephany mentions in the video below. Too often we can even miss the opportunity to fall in love because of what we think are rules of a relationship. Gender roles should be the only ruler of a relationship.

Once upon a time lovers played their role, creating long lasting relationships leading to marriage and a baby carriage. Once upon a time prior to the World Wide Web, lovers were in closed proximities and understood values to create life ties leading to love. Once upon a time without so many options.

The best way in my option to a relationship is just letting it form naturally. Singleness is the time to prepare yourself for the love. Let go to Let God.

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