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Bushwick Film Festival 2019

Let’s fall into the 12th annual Bushwick Film Festival

This year I came on board the Bushwick Film Festival for its 2019 event which is held in October. It’s a colorful film festival featuring a variety of independent films. The 12th annual BFF blasts off with a theme that’s out of this world showcasing the uniqueness of Brooklyn. The festival is known as one of Brooklyn’s most exciting and anticipated cultural attractions. As a committee planner it’s been a rocket launch of meetings, reviewing of films and creation of ideas for this year’s atmosphere we have created. Expect a celebration of innovation and space October 2-6, 2019.

Last year I was supposed to be a part of the committee board, however due to health circumstances I was unable to commit to anything other than my position to heal. The committee met once a month beginning in June with various boards consisting of programming, marketing, content, and planning. The founder Kweighbaye Kotee organized the meetings in a new innovative work space in bushwick. During our meetings, we compare ideas, and curate the process leading to the big festival. Kweighbaye is lovely, being a film maker herself I can see the inspiration behind the film festival which began in 2007.

As a lover of expressing what others think but never say, I find myself in love with film review from this one experience. Overall, the committee split over 400 films to review to be entered in the festival. The independent lane is so vast like space. My split consisted of a various genres of films including drama , foreign films and terrible low budget films. I have a new interest in assessing films, storylines and characters based on production guidelines. For weeks I lost track of time watching a variety of films while being throughly entertained.

Check out the list of films here & get your tickets:

Cheers lovers!

-T.he I.nner Y.ou

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