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February 7, 2019
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March 12, 2019

Happy Women’s History Month Lovers! It’s the third month of the year following Black History Month in February. As a black woman in 2019, it’s a celebration all first quarter of the year. After new year we get 28 days to honor the blackness that’s made history and continue to ; as we March into the next month recognizing all the brave women that have paved the way for us today. Cheers to a for the love of the black woman today, we’re trending.

Black Women Talk Tech held their kick off night on a #WomenWorkingWednesday with a founders retreat hosted inside NYC’s Ace Hotel. The following days were filled with conferences , professional headshots, luncheons with a hair , makeup and nails station as a refresher. The Roadmap to Billions held at Union West Events in NYC catered to the 1% of women (black) successors ; the entrepreneurs . It’s said “A woman’s best chance to reaching 1% status is by marrying a man with high income or entrepreneurship. ” The conference is a roadmap showcasing how to become and stay 1% minus the patriarchy.

Sponsored by Microsoft, Nike, Samsung and Facebook amongst other brands ; Black Women Talk Tech is for the elite achiever. A happy women working Wednesday to the ladies that began the event in a google office which has now become over a 500 plus attendee 3 day conference. That’s expressing what others think but never say !

Enjoy the the melanin magic below. I captured some moments from the yoga class taught by Nike master instructor Traci Copeland, an After Party hosted by Junae Brown & Kim Chanel, and TresseNoire enhancing the ladies! Black is beautiful, just do it #ForTheLove .

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  1. Charlene Burke says:

    It’s refreshing to see such excellency..thank you for covering this event..awesome!

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